Traffic Energy Using Micro Marketing Messages Brings You New Business From Clicks!


What in the world is TE = M3?

It means (T) Traffic multiplied by (E) Energy equals (M3) Micro Marketing Messages. We put “Nuclear” Traffic Energy to work for you by posting M3 on 504,129 Blogs (Soon One Million)! Can you hear the cheers from the crowd?


These are just some of the people that are excited to click on your website, blog, store, ring your phone or email you if they only knew you.

times-squareThey say you could make money selling pencils in Times Square, because there are so many people! Now we can bring the “Times Square” experience to you! Do you have something to sell? You are not the problem and your website is not the problem. You just haven’t shown it to enough people yet.

Yes, it takes a lot of ones and zeroes to get the traffic reactors to work, but in the end, ones and zeroes don’t buy anything people do! if you ask enough people to buy from you, an amazing thing will happen…they will buy, you will make sales. 

crowd-lede  Isn’t this what you want? Don’t you want crowds of people buying, lines out the door, standing room only, servers crashing due to heavy demand for your product, month long back orders? If not, what we are offering is not for you!

a-few-people  Want Just A Few Clicks?
OK, so let’s start you out with a few people -ONE MILLION – for $100 US, Troptions, OBM or Bitcoins. That’s only $0.0001 per targeted click.

a-few-people-moreWhat About A Few More Clicks?
Now you have a few more people visiting your site -TEN MILLION – for $1000 US, Troptions, OBM or Bitcoins. That’s still only $0.0001 per targeted click.

a-lot-more-peopleHow About A lot More Clicks? We are talking wall-to-wall people – FIFTY MILLION – for $5000 US, Troptions, OBM or Bitcoins. They are everywhere and looking at your site. Can you handle it at only $0.0001 per targeted click?

a-whole-lot-more-peopleHere’s A Whole Lot More Clicks. We Are Talking Viral Now!!!
Massive crowds of clicks – 100 MILLION – You just need $10,000 US, Troptions, OBM or Bitcoins. Yes, viral awareness can be bought and paid for. You don’t have to be a movie star, rapper or athlete. The price for stardom is only $0.0001 per targeted click.

Will 1,000,000 New Clicks = More Money for You! You know what? It might take millions of people seeing your website to get your first sale…so what! We have worked for seven years to make it affordable for you. Try it. Buy it. Do it Now! Call 407-504-7079 or Email

 You and I both know that it all depends on how many people you can get to look at what you have to offer. Get as many people as you can afford to see your stuff, because…if enough people see it…even bags of doggy poo poo will sell.

Here’s what I know for sure after seven years of doing this:

You can make anything happen with enough clicks…period. Even the dumbest product or service will sell if you have enough clicks promoting. People will believe anything if they hear  it or see it enough.

Here’s what I don’t know for sure after seven years of doing this:

I don’t know many clicks it will take for your particular product or service to sell. We can determine the length of time that the clicks happen, but even then we can’t control how long it will take for your message to sink in. People are generally slow to change behavior without a crisis.



Blogs are the best sources. Why do you think Google likes them so much? We have a 504,129 Blog Network now, growing every day – 1,000,000 by the end of April 2015.


You do the targeting and you can be as specific as words, images and videos allow.


So Cheap That You Can Afford To Waste Clicks While You Test Your Marketing!


You Decide What Is Best For You, But Our Suggestion Is To GO BIG or GO HOME!

Going Big, Meaning Buying At Least 100,000,000 Clicks Will Give You The Web Dominance That You Need, Want And Deserve. After All Look How Hard You Work To Get Ahead In A Down Market.

I Sent Over 436,000,000 Clicks To One Of My Sites And Now It Is One Of The Busiest Sites In The World And Grows By About 18,000 Registered Users Per Day With Over 3,821,256 Total Registered Users! I had to stop sending it clicks because I kept crashing servers!

NO FRILLS-Text Only  You design, write and submit blog post for distribution on our up to 1,000,000 blogs. BASE PRICE $0.0001 per click. Spread them out as you like. DOING THE MATH

$100 Buys

1,000,000 Clicks

Any additional or custom service is extra. Add $0.0001 per click for any other additional or custom services.  $100 Buys One Additional or Custom Service.


The client wants consulting regarding best practices and how to get the best bang for the buck. $0.01 per click total $100 Buys

1,000,000 clicks

GAAP will begin by sending traffic through an exclusive tracking link to Client’s Website, Blog, etc. at a time agreed upon by client. Usually within 24 hours of payment and blog post submittal.

GAAP will modulate the clicks to occur over the period of time agreed to by client or sooner. 

*GAAP agrees to continue to provide clicks until the agreed upon number of clicks are reached.

Tre Brandenburg Plays It Right! And He ROCKS!

The Brandenburg Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1046–1051, original title:Six Concerts à plusieurs instruments)[1] are a collection of six instrumental works presented by Bach to Christian Ludwig, Margrave ofBrandenburg-Schwedt,[2] in 1721 (though probably composed earlier). They are widely regarded as some of the best orchestral compositions of the Baroque era.


The Brandenburg Gate #Lego’s set and @TreBrandenburg

Building something with your kids!


`@Serena likes that New Shoe Attitude – #KobeBryant #TreBrandenburg

No we are not talking 6 inch heels!  The making of Serena Williams’ new Wimbledon 2015 shoe

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tre!

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<@JohnAbio likes, #JoseAldo because he is still fighting…

<@JohnAbio likes, #JoseAldo because he is still fighting and Abio Financial Group will fight to give you the best financial freedom available!

Jose Aldo still fighting (for now), but UFC 189 is about Conor McGregor anyways

Yahoo Sports

LAS VEGAS – Conor McGregor is going to fight for the featherweight title on July 11 one way or another.

The UFC announced late Wednesday that champion Jose Aldo has a bruised, not broken, rib, and plans to defend his belt as scheduled in the main event of UFC 189 at the MGM Grand.

Aldo was injured Tuesday in a sparring session in Brazil with Nova Uniao teammate Alcides Nunes. There was concern his rib was broken, but the UFC issued a statement in which it said several doctors concurred that it was only bruised. Continue reading < @JohnAbio likes, #JoseAldo because he is still fighting…

All Lives Matter to @JohnAbio – Red, Yellow, Black or White!

All Lives Matter to @JohnAbio – Red, Yellow, Black or White ~ All are perfect in God’s Sight.

What a great country that we life in, and the opportunities for greatness just continue to peculate. 

Continue reading All Lives Matter to @JohnAbio – Red, Yellow, Black or White!

“I am going to describe my project and have you be the judge. ,@anncurry ,@arianagrande ,@schwarzenegger ;”

“I am going to describe my project and have you be the judge. ,@anncurry ,@arianagrande ,@schwarzenegger ;” thus,

The reason I ask the question is to determine if my crowd funding project should be listed under technology, under small business or under environmental.


These are just some of our Favorite Things; For the Love of..

These are just some of our Favorite Things; For the Love of…God Almighty – who made the earth for you  tree  every flower and every tree!

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